Teradek Cube brings livestreaming to any camera, just don't tell Charlie Sheen


Livestreams have become a part of daily life here at Engadget, and the Teradek Cube aims to make any camera livestream-capable without additional software or materials. It’s is a card deck-sized box that docks in your camera’s hot shoe and connects to the net for instant streaming to the company’s Livestream.com — way more practical than some bulkier alternatives. All told there are six Cube models to choose from with varying quality / connectivity capabilities, but you get a free month of Livesteam.com service with any purchase, making the $1,490 starting price a little more palatable. The higher end models can even connect to Verizon 4G when paired with the Pantech UML290, and the Cube is said to work with any camera. Of course, you could go the UStream route if quality isn’t your highest priority, but we only recommend that for the lowest of low-budget films.