Critical Shopper: The Hundreds & Mishka NYC

New York Times Critical Shopper on The Hundreds Mishka Critical Shopper: The Hundreds & Mishka NYC

The March 24, 2011 New York edition of The New York Times ran a Critical Shopper piece on Mishka and The Hundreds’ retail presence in NYC entitled “Two Riffs on Street Wear Gone Fusion.” An excerpt follows:

THE Mishka store is a burst of bright underneath the J-M-Z tracks streaking off the Williamsburg Bridge. A life-size E.T. peers out over the unkempt block through a window trimmed with purple neon. Just inside is a Street Fighter II arcade game, rigged for free plays.

In SoHo, squeezed in among high-end boutiques, is the first New York outpost of the Hundreds. An artfully distressed mirror runs the length of one wall, and the furnishings are done in dark wood and Chesterfield-style black leather.

They’re two solutions to the same problem, the collision of hip-hop fashion, skateboarding gear and work wear that’s generally called street wear. It’s a neat trick of deracination, or post-racination. As rap music seeps more and more into the fabric of pop culture, its accouterments become more familiar. In these lines, lessons drawn from the 1990s explosion of brands like Phat Farm, Fubu, even Karl Kani are mixed with the lessons drawn from the ’90s appropriation of Polo and Tommy Hilfiger. The results are tough but relatable, a style that connotes insiderdom while excluding no one.

Read the article in its entirety here.