BlackRainbow Senteur n°00 by DROM Fragrance Scented Candle

BlackRainbow Senteur n°00 by DROM Fragrance

Black Rainbow from Paris has teamed up with DROM Fragrance to produce their first scented candle, entitled “Senteur n°00″. Having worked with Gucci, Pucci, Dior and other high fashion houses before, DROM seemed like the perfect partner for Black Rainbow.

“Taking the concept of the raw and industrial feel of the store, the Parisian creative workshop “DROM Fragrance” wanted to underline that varnish, the plaster, the fresh wood, the debris and the dust of the shop. As if the smell of a work site would ever become synonymous with a noble impression, they enhanced it with notes of wood and a fruity smell. Using to that effect a balanced blend of Cedar wood, notes of leather, tonka beans, musk and a smoky effect.

We might as well tell you right away, the 00 candle BLACK RAINBOW is a delicate and subtle one. This is not a heavy and nor an omnipresent signature. The smell threads between spaces and recalls the universe in which the shop and its team revolve around. A signature, that of the 68 rue des Archives.”

The candle is exclusively available from Black Rainbow in Paris.

Black Rainbow
68, Rue des Archives
Marais, Paris

Take a behind the scenes look at the production of the candle after the jump.