Converse First String Jack Purcell Johnny Weld


Pushing the classic-yet-mischievous lines that define Jack Purcell, the new Johnny Weld sneaker features Bemis weld detailing, a technique commonly used to seam-seal waterproof outerwear and outdoor tents. Applied here, it reinterprets the reissued silhouette for a modern take on the original.

The shoe is lined with terry cloth, which harkens back to the sport performance shoes of the 1980s and offers a “retro-tech” feel. Pinstripe detailing on the rubber midsole offers a finishing touch alongside the signature Jack Purcell smile. Available in both hi and low cut versions at Bows & Arrows.

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CONVERSE FIRSTSTRING JPLOW1 Converse First String Jack Purcell Johnny Weld