Converse x Marimekko Fall 2011 Collection

Converse x Marimekko Fall 2011 Sneaker Collection

Today, Converse Inc. announced the continuation of its successful collaboration with iconic Finnish design house Marimekko. Showcasing Marimekko’s signature bold prints, the Fall 2011 Converse collection features vibrant versions of Converse’s most famous silhouettes. The collection features the Chuck Taylor All Star and the Jack Purcell shoe, combined with distinctive Marimekko prints.

“The prints selected for the collaboration for Fall 2011 were created by the well-known Marimekko master Maija Isola as well as Marimekko’s young rising talent Maija Louekari. The collection features the most famous Marimekko print of all time, the Unikko design, originally from 1964 by Maija Isola, to which her daughter Kristina Isola has created a new coloring and scale for the Converse shoes. This poppy print will adorn the shoes with bright pink or black flowers with metallic details. Maija Isola is also the designer behind the Paprika pattern, originally from 1965, appearing in the collection in a graphic black and white colorway. Entirely new Marimekko prints designed for Converse for the Fall 2011 collection are the Kaleidoskooppi and Poni patterns by Maija Louekari. Kaleidoskooppi, inspired by a kaleidoscope, and Poni, based on an image of round, plump hoof prints left by a small pony, represent the colorful Marimekko pattern world at its brightest.”

The collection launches on June 23rd, 2011.

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