Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

rolex hillary tenzing explorer package 0 Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Watch Pack

Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the sons of Sir Edmund and Tenzing, present the complete collection of their customized Rolex Explorer watches. Even though not officially affiliated with Rolex, the two pay tribute to the great mountaineering quests of their fathers.

The Rolex Hillary Tenzing Explorer Package consists of a handcrafted wooden crate, as used during the 1953 British expedition and comes with 4 drawers, each containing custom made items commemorating the successful Everest expedition and 3 Rolex Explorer watches. All three watches have the unique HTE (Hillary Tenzing Explorer) feel, telling the stories of these great adventures.

The watch line-up includes the HTE 36mm, the same version that was worn by the original expedition participants, the HTE 39mm, which stands for Sir Edmund and Peter Hillary, two generations making the expedition. The last 42mm HTE, is the latest version of the watch by Rolex, customized and standing for Peter Hillary and Jamling Tenzing Norgay, the sons.

The vintage looks, small details, leather straps and just overall concept of this project are very impressive. It seems like a very meaningful way to customize a Rolex, rather than just simply turning it black or adding wild colors to it.

Priced at 28′800 Euros, you can pre-order the package now from the official HTE website.

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