INSIDE JOB by YOUTH CLUB ExhibitionRecap1

Last night, gallery and creative agency YOUTH CLUB hosted the launch of INSIDE JOB at their HQ just off London’s Carnaby Street. The event was held to celebrate a new collaboration between long-time YOUTH CLUB contributor Lawrence Watson, and London-based clothing brand House of Billiam, who have joined forces to create a very special bespoke varsity jacket.

Lawrence Watson is a music photographer who has captured many pivotal moments in hip hop, rock and Brit Pop history, who previously teamed up with Adidas to produce ‘The World Is Yours’ book and exhibition.

For INSIDE JOB, Lawrence offered up one of his iconic images of LL Cool J – pictured on stage in Philadelphia c.1983 – to be used as a printed lining for the varsity jacket. Lawrence recalls:

“The journalist was Stuart Cosgrove… We were probably the only two white guys in the place and I was the only photographer in the pit. While LL was performing gunshots went off in the venue at the back in celebration. Only LL’s father rushed onstage to remove him. When calm had set back in he returned to finish his set”.

At last night’s launch, the Lawrence Watson x House of Billiam jacket was suspended in the middle of the YOUTH CLUB space, surrounded by some of Watson’s most iconic portraits of cultural figureheads including Snoop Dogg, Paul Weller and Public Enemy.

UK-based photography and fashion aficionados can head down to the gallery until July 19th to purchase a jacket lined with a YOUTH CLUB image of their choosing, or to just check out the incredible images on display.

See images of the launch after the jump.

Photography by James Lange.