Nike Lavadome – Fall 2011

Nike Lavadome   Fall 2011

It’s easy to see how the incubating environment of Nike as a business influenced their early designs. Founded in Eugene, Oregon, a city also known as “Track Town USA”, the company was at first dedicated to taking over the world of running shoes and providing the utmost in quality for track athletes. Beyond that though, Nike saw inspiration in the greater outdoors of Oregon and eventually extended their vision to accommodate the more adventurous individuals in the sporting world. Through this the Nike Lavadome was born, a hybrid model intended for rock climbers, hikers, and all sorts of adventurers. The model is finally seeing a retro release this year, with Nike Sportswear giving it an additional boost via Nike Zoom Air cushioning. Continue reading for a more detailed look at this upcoming retro, and stick with Freshness for more info on the August release.


Nike Lavadome   Fall 2011Nike Lavadome   Fall 2011Nike Lavadome   Fall 2011Nike Lavadome   Fall 2011