PROJECT Show New York – MADE By PROJECT: Gabriel Urist

PROJECT Show New York   MADE By PROJECT: Gabriel Urist

A return focus on unique offerings and traditional craftsmanship, PROJECT Show New Yorkdesigned a temporary marketplace within the main corridor of 82 Mercer Street over the weekend. Aptly named MADE By PROJECT, 11 labels, each selected for their exceptional artistry, will demonstrate their creative process as well as selling their made-on-site items. One of the selected 11 is our friend, jewelry maker Gabriel Urist, whose peach pit ring is a homage to Dr. James Naismith – credited for the invention of basketball back in 1891 when he attached an old peach basket to a pole. Urist also resurrected a childhood’s favorite of many and a family custom that is fast disappearing. Attendees to PROJECT are welcome to observe even contribute by “eating” the peaches provided by Urist. He only need the pit of each… You will find Gabriel Urist and the rest of MADE By PROJECT collective on the ground floor of PROJECT Show New York.

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