Vandeyk ‘Nightstream’ Bikes

Vandeyk 'Nightstream' Bikes

Vandeyk has made it their mission to build the most beautiful hand-crafted bikes out there. They present their first collection, entitled ‘Nightstream’. Each collection is limited to only 25 bikes and not single one more.

Simplicity, craftsmanship and only the best components are at the core of the brand’s philosophy. That means that Chris King, Paul Components or Phil Wood are being exclusively used on Vandeyk bikes.

The paint design for the first collection “Nightstream” was created by artist Harry Seifert. Technically Nightstream is a Mountainbike with reduced and timeless technology, inspired by the golden times of Mountainbiking in the early 1990s

Today we can give you a detailed first look at the Vandeyk ‘Nightstream’. Take a further look after the jump.