Vagabonds – Invisible

Coming off the success of their last video, “The Real Dade County”, the Vagabonds are finally releasing the first OFFICIAL video release off their new EP, “#FML”. Titled “Invisible”, this Baysiqly solo track (produced by E.R. of course), details the struggle of being ignored and overlooked while having a message that they want to bring out to the world, or a “speck in a world full of objects”, as Baysiqly puts it. 

“Invisible” mashes up E.R.’s bouncy, psychedelic board work with cinematics from Mr. Visual, showing a first-person view of an individual being ignored by everyone who passes him by. That, along with flashes of current world events, is a deadly mixture that can drive anybody to insanity and irrational choices, as depicted by the ending of this video.