News: Jay-Z on Roc Nation, Jeezy Talks Album Leaks, and Weezy’s New Clothing Line


Hov can’t wait to be a parent. In fact, he sounds like he already feels like a dad. In the next clip from Jay-Z’s interview with MTV’s Rob Markman, Roc Nation’s bossman compared his job to having kids.

I think running a label is a bit like having kids,” Hov told MTV News. “When you know someone needs more help, you help them,” Jigga said. “When you see that someone can make it on their own … you see Kanye or J. Cole, you see that sort of talent — you let that talent be. You let that talent find its way.”

“I’m just really here to provide opportunity. I’m not here to do anything else,” he said. “I provide the opportunity, you figure out what you want to say to the world and how you gonna do it.”

“It’s much more than just a [16-bar verse] and an endorsement deal; it’s an opportunity to let your voice be heard. It’s really about you, it’s not about me.”

Jeezy talks about TM101 and TM103 album leaks and information on Weezy’s new clothing line after the jump…


I spoke to Jeezy a few weeks back. Yesterday, I put out the portion of our chat where he talked about album leaks. (via VIBE)

“Yeah it was a big deal but I tell anybody when you put your life on the line and you work hard and you do your research, and do your work and you put an album together that’s something special to you, and when somebody does that it feels like you’ve been robbed,” says Jeezy while recalling the leak of TM101.

“And I, for one, ain’t the type to get robbed. I don’t play that shit, you know, I take that very seriously and I seen people get killed for less,” he adds.

“It’s just a crazy time in music because I remember when there was a time when we couldn’t wait just to go in the store and buy [an album] so I don’t understand, what’s the rush?,” Jeezy tells VIBE. “I mean you can’t rush greatness if something comes out and somebody puts hard work into it and you’re a fan of it you should want to purchase it and support him. It’s not about the money to me, it’s about the act you know — pulling up to the mall, getting out your car and actually going to buy something that you dig, that you feel is worth it.”

Agenda announced Lil Wayne’s Trukfit clothing line will debut in 2012.

Trukfit, the new clothing brand from Grammy Award winning, platinum selling hip hop icon LIL WAYNE, will debut at Agenda in January 2012. The highly anticipated line of uniquely designed apparel was inspired by Lil Wayne’s passion for skateboarding and quality street wear. Pulling influence from Lil Wayne’s distinctive style and voice, Trukfit is made from quality fabrics and features bold graphics at a moderate price point.


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