Baysiqly (of the Vagabonds) – Leonidas

Baysiqly (of the Vagabonds) - Leonidas

After the release of the Vagabonds’ latest EP, “#FML” this past February, E.R. and Baysiqly have been hard at work rocking crowd after crowd in the South Florida and Central Florida region. This doesn’t mean however, that in between their shows they haven’t been working on new material. As the second official release for 2012 of Vagabonds Music Group, LLC, “Leonidas” is Baysiqly’s solo debut effort.

Be sure to grab this free VMG release, and keep your ears open for E.R.’s own solo endeavor, “Year of The Vagabond”, as well as a brand new Vagabonds group project, both coming up for the second half of 2012.