Of all the high fidelity consumer electronics available on the market now, only a few could surpass the mystics of a Marshall amplifiers. Whether its on stage with KISS or in a millionaire’s man-cave, the creation by the late Jim Marshall takes on another variation as the new Marshall Hanwell active loudspeaker.  Named after Hanwell, the London neighborhood where Marshall first opened his small music shop in 1962, the Hanwell appears to be a smaller facsimile of its grander counterparts in a wooden cabinet lathered in black vinyl. Retro-chic power switch and knob adjusters for volume, bass, and treble, it harks back to an era when Rock & Roll ruled the air wave. Its sound, however, resonates something more recent. Thanks to a carefully tuned system, the dual woofers and tweeters produce a harmonious range with super lows and sharp highs. Clear and define, its the perfect portable speaker for dorm rooms, fraternity parties, and an impromptu garage band gig. To be available soon at hi-fi specialists around the globe and Marshall Headphones online store.

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