Smart is ready to make a big splash at this year’s Paris Auto Show with their latest ForStars Concept. While the compact two-passenger EV has had trouble appealing to a wide market in the United Status, smart is betting that this concept with a more roadster-like coupe design with an electric powertrain will convert on-lookers into buyers. Typically when we dive under the hood, we start talking engine specs, but here we have to begin with a built-in movie projector capable of displaying media downloaded from a variety of devices inside the dash. Underneath that, however, is a 60kW electric motor and a 17.6 kWh lithium-ion batter pack, also found in the smart ForTwo Brabus Electric Drive concept, which can carry you to a top speed of 80mph and a total driving range of about 90 miles. On the outside, the ForStars has an interesting extended fender look that contrasts with the clear roof and the longer and shorter red body. A production version of the ForStars could easily see it competing against the MINI and Nissan’s Juke, we’ll just have to wait to see if the bells and whistles make-up for a lack of horses.

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via: WorldCarFans