NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits

Do carb-heavy bagels and sugary pastries give you morning guilt that lasts all day? When you’re craving something on the sweet side, but don’t want to give into the donuts at your office meeting, a yogurt parfait is the perfect choice. The protein in yogurt will keep you full until lunch, while sweet mix-ins and crunchy granola can satisfy your sweet tooth without breaking your diet. By Sarah Shaker.




NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits
(credit: Sarah Shaker)

Granola with Yogurt and Fruit, B Cup Cafe

212 Avenue B

New York, NY

(212) 228-4808

This East Village Coffee shop offers more than just great iced coffee and pastries. Serving everything from breakfast sandwiches to hot paninis, this café is filled with hungry locals all day long. When visiting B Cup for breakfast, their granola is the perfect healthy option to start your day. Protein rich Greek yogurt is topped with granola, fresh fruit is cut to order and then your parfait is drizzled with honey. Grab a seat to enjoy your yogurt in a big bowl or take it to go en route to the office.




NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits
(credit: Flickr)

Homemade Granola, Locanda Verde

377 Greenwich St

New York, NY

(212) 925-3797

Homemade Granola is layered with organic yogurt and topped with seasonal fresh berries at Locanda Verde. While this healthy parfait will certainly keep you full until lunch, we’d hate to list this yogurt without also mentioning their Sheeps’ Milk Ricotta served with truffle honey and burnt orange toast as well. Either dairy breakfast at Locanda Verde will give you the protein and carbs needed to start your day off right!




NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits
(credit: Fresh & Co)

Organic Homemade Granola & Yogurt Parfait, Fresh & Co.

Various locations

New York, NY

Whether working or living in Midtown, you know that Fresh & Co. offers “pure, clean foods” free from synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and other additives. They’re also big on working with NYC area farms to buy their produce. With those philosophies in mind, grab their crunchy honey granola served with non-fat yogurt and fresh seasonal fruit when looking to eat both natural and local for breakfast.




NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits
(credit: Bubby’s Facebook)

Bubby’s Homemade Granola, Bubby’s

120 Hudson Street

New York, NY


This Tribeca family-favorite also has a Brooklyn location, both serving toasted Anson Mill oats with dried fruit and nuts atop local Greek yogurt for breakfast. While their Midnight Brunch menu is always popular, you don’t want to miss out on this wholesome breakfast plate during later morning hours.




NYC’s 5 Best Yogurt Parfaits
(credit: Forty Carrots Facebook)


Plain and Coffee Frozen Yogurt Granola, Forty Carrots

1000 3rd Ave
Bloomingdale’s, 7th fl

New York, NY

(212) 705-3085

Ok, so this is really a dessert and probably best during the warmer months, but who’s gonna tell on you if you enjoy this once in a while for breakfast? The sweet, flavorful froyo with granola is always delicious at Forty Carrots. Mix the plain and coffee flavors together on top of their crunchy, sweet granola for an indulgent yogurt parfait, perfect to satisfy you even after your wildest shopping binge at Bloomies.


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