Some tech market analysts have characterized the upcoming BlackBerry 10 smartphone as the “Battle of the Alamo” for its maker Research In Motion. Facing the continue onslaughts from Apple, Samsung, HTC, and others, the once dominant communication device medium is now fighting for its survival. In the hopes of a turnaround, the company hired Thorsten Heins as its new CEO, laid off countless employees, and streamlined many aspects of its business model. It also revamped the once ubiquitous design and instead going with something quite similar to the Apple iPhone 5. Officially designated as the L-Series BlackBerry 10, it features a touchscreen with a removable backplate for access to the 1800mAh battery and microSD media card. Other additions include a Micro USB port for charging and data link, as well as HDMI port. While the company just embarked upon its largest advertising campaign in recent years, detailed images of the phone have already leaked onto the web. But will it be enough for RIM to turn the tide in this ongoing battle? See and judge for yourself.



Written by Bryan Tomlinson

Technology professional, experienced in Graphic Design, Web Design, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Strategy and Content Management.