Long Hair Spring 2013: Erickson Beamon at New York Fashion Week

Attending New York Fashion Week can be a very memorable experience for anyone. However, when it comes to the Spring 2013 show, most people are going to tell you that all they can remember is the amazing hair. This is because the long hair that rocked the runway was amazing and unforgettable.

It goes without saying that Erickson Beamon did a wonderful job with the unique and refreshingly new clothing designs. It is no wonder that these designers have had the opportunity to work with wonderful stars like Lady Gaga and even Rihanna.

Erickson Beamon was on a mission to create hair that would be at least 30″ long. Are you wondering how they achieved such a long look? They used easilength’s tape extensions.

Team easihair worked with celebrity stylist Sarah Potempa to create the not of this earth look that Erickson Beamon wanted for the runway showcase. The only problem is that human hair in a thirty inch length is almost non existent. Even if you could source such long hair it would cost a lot of money to provide hair for twenty to twenty-five models.

The solution came after about an hour of brainstorming. Because easilengths tape extensions are so versatile in their application method, Director of Education, Jennifer Edwards theorized that the panels could be dropped about 12-14 inches down onto the models hair.

Easilenths tape in hair extensions thin panels of polyurethane that have hair attached to them. Application usually consists of two panels “sandwiching” hair in between them. An application in the salon requires them to be placed as closely as possible to the root of the hair. This makes these hair extensio last up to 8 weeks in the hair.

Sarah Potempa used 20″ easilengths and dropped them down on the models hair to create a staggering 30 inch plus hair length. The look was stunning. Because it was human hair the look was very realistic. When the models moved the hair bounced and glided as if it were their own. The long mermaid hair at this occasion was made even nicer when the hair designers decided that they would take the long hair and place it into really long braids. The final look was totally truly unique and it not very easy to forget at all.

A quick side not: Sarah Potempa has her own line of hot tools. She brought her Beachwaver which is an automated hair curler. It was specifically designed to curl long hair. This wonderful tool made the entire experience much faster for everyone that was involved in the process. To top it all off the Erickson Beamon team loved the look too. The designers vision was carried through from head to toe. It goes without saying that the easilength hair extensions did all that they were meant to do plus some. The general consensus was that easilengths were a little bit of magic because they looked like they were really the models hair.

If you want to create a beautiful look with the best hair extensions available on the market just visit the easihair pro website. The entire show was a huge undertaking but was worth every minute.