FTC’s Young Bucks Tear It Up | Video

As a pioneer of the skate industry FTC has seen many changes over its nearly 30 year existence, from eclectic choice of dress to the progression into an increasingly technical sport. What has remained a constant however, dating back to the days of the original Z-Boys, is the younger generation’s raw, untainted passion for the action sport and ability to compete with their post-puberty comrades. To show some much deserve respect to the young guns of the sport, FTC recently put together a team of adolescent riders dubbing them the Young Bucks. Filmed and edited by Sam Chao, the San Francisco-based brand presents its second session video with the Young Bucks crew featuring skaters (in order of appearance): Kallen Matlock, Nico Hiraga, Tafari Whitter, Jonathan Wells, Max Otake, Darnell Coleman, Ian Elsasser, Josh Fajardo, Matt Dodge, Angel, Keita Wilson, Sam Chao, Desmond Billie, Danny Cusulos, Dean Cusulos, Eric Alford and Joel Misner