Mike Packer Speaks on the Early Beginnings of Packer Shoes and the Reebok Classic Leather 30th Anniversary

From its 1907 birth in Yonkers to its present day location in Teaneck, New Jersey, the family-owned-and-operated shoe store of Packer Shoes has remained faithful and proud of its roots in authenticity and heritage. Spanning three generations of Packer men, the century-old retailer wholly understands the importance of continual customer satisfaction and repeat service, thus striving to make sure their every need is met from technical innovations for athletic participation to casual street styling. Having recently linked with Rick Williams and Roland Coit of Burn Rubber for a video interview seen here, Hypebeast linked with Mike Packer of Packer Shoes to discuss the founding of his grandfather’s shop, its unlikely move to New Jersey and of course the importance of Reebok‘s storied Classic Leather model as well as Mike’s exclusive collaboration with the longstanding brand. Stay tuned for more information regarding the colorful joint release.