James Bond of Undefeated Discusses #ArriveBig and the New Heineken Star Bottle

Dutch brewer Heineken recently celebrated the debut of the new “Star Bottle” – the first package change in nearly two decades – with a celebration hosted by James Bond of Undefeated . Held over the weekend, the centerpiece was a 20-person feast with the likes of Jaha Johnson, Chris Gibbs, Estevan Oriol break bread over a table of food courtesy of Iron Chef contestant Ludo Lefebvre. In between the meal and the rest of the weekend’s events, Bond took the time to share some stories from his career, as well as what it was like working with David Beckham, and his thoughts on the new bottle design – a taller, sleeker modern rendition to the iconic green silhouette. No doubt a compelling figurehead in the realm of streetwear, Bond and a slew of prominent creatives run as rightful candidates in the #ArriveBig campaign, stay tuned for more on the campaign.