Gimme The Loot (Film Trailer & Preview)

Finally, a film about the New York I grew up in. Gimme The Loot is a new film by Adam Leon set in the world of NYC graffiti. It won the grand jury prize for Best Narrative Feature at SXSW and it is set to open in theaters on March 22nd.

Peep the trailer above and check out and exclusive preview via L+T below.

The preview clip sets the scene for the two heroes, Malcolm and Sofia, as they discover their latest masterpiece has been trashed by a rival gang, and they hatch a plan to get payback by tagging the iconic apple that rises every time the Mets hit a home run. To get their chance they’ll have to raise $500 within a two-day span that’ll see them get mixed up with drug dealers, thieves and a ridiculous jewel heist that probably could’ve used more planning.