“Recalling 1993″ at the New Museum NYC

Just a snippet of some of the stories being told when you dial up 1-[855]-FOR-1993, it seems the New Museum weren’t interested in censoring their new project entitled “Recalling 1993.” As a part of their current “NYC 1993” exhibit, focused on art made in New York City, “Recalling 1993” involves the nearly 5,000 of NYC’s payphones/relics and activating them as interactive tools to hear stories from the past. Some stories are about the actual street you’re standing on. In true New York style, no holds are barred: we hear that former club kid James St. James talks about living in an apartment that was once home to a murderer who cooked his girlfriend and fed her to homeless people in Tompkins Square Park on the payphone at 2nd and Avenue D. So if you’re in New York, hit up a payphone to get a slice of 1993.