All-New Screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V

Rockstar Games has recently released a new set of screenshots from Grand Theft Auto V, planned for a release in September this year. Based on the handful of images, most of which focus on the environment, it’s obvious that GTA V hopes to immerse gamers in a Los Santos (the fictional in-game city based on LA) that would outdo the one from Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas – not just in terms of scale, but in style as well. Opting for a quality with quantity approach, Rockstar has said that GTA V will be bigger than bothSan Andreas and Red Dead Redemption, Rockstar’s successful Wild West-themed open-world title. While further details are still forthcoming, fans can rejoice in the face that gameplay elements that made exploring San Andreas so much extra variety like flying and scuba diving will return. For those familiar with the actual city of Los Angeles, feel free to connect the dots and point out real locations and their in-game counterparts.