A Good Reason to Bring the X Games to Detroit

This week two Detroit locals stepped up to bid for their hometown to host the X-Games. Aside from combing through panels of legality matters, Kevin Crease and Gareth Koehler also need to prove to the rest of the world that Motor City is the perfect backdrop for three summers of exhilarating sports. Hence, they’ve released this trailer to stimulate our senses. Shot from a birds-eye-view, the rugged, industrial landscape of Detroit is used as primary focus, entertaining a number of sports that will be featured in the Games. This striking video is only the first of many deliveries during this pitch, as $7,000,000 USD worth of corporate sponsorship will have to be raised for a chance of approval, while ESPN will take care of the remaining costs, an estimated $15 – $20,000,000 USD. Check out the trailer and let us know how you think Detroit would fare if it hosted the X Games.