While other concepts shine and glisten under the spotlights and flashbulbs, Renault‘s Twin’Z Concept Car gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a car with a real spark. To Renault, the Twin’Z is a “playful city car that plays with light and opens up a whole new world of personalization opportunities,” accented by a ton of LED lights that run from its grille to back bumper and inside to the futuristic cabin. The design itself is a collaborative effort between Renault chief designer Laurens van den Acker and British industrial design star Ross Lovegrove, marked primarily with an exotic satin-blue finish, 18-inch wheels, and specially made Michelin tire that extends the rim pattern onto the tread. Access to the cabin can be through any of the four power-actuated doors, hinged without the use of a B-pillar, revealing a vivid color scheme and a centrally mounted touchscreen that is used in place of a dashboard and instrument panel. Renault, however, has offered very little in terms of its powertrain, simply stating that it is fitted with a 67 HP, rear-mounted electric motor, is rear-wheel-drive, and can reach up to 50mph. While its future isn’t certain, its design can be an omen to what may be in store for the brand’s upcoming releases, including the Twingo.