The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC

A crispy crust with flavorful fillings – from spicy meats to creamy cheeses – make empanadas an Argentinian comfort food favorite. Visit these restaurants for the best empanadas in New York City. By Sarah Shaker.


The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC

Empanadas Bar

438 E 9th St

New York, NY


This recently opened East Village shop is serving a variety of empanadas, from Cordobesa, “Sweet Meat” (onions, peppers, olives, boiled eggs, raisins, spices and sugar) to Jamon Y Queso, “Ham and Cheese”, with bubbling, hot melted cheese, at only $3 or $3.50 each. Don’t miss their homemade version of Chimichurri, the perfect cool and crisp dipping sauce for any of the savory empanadas. For dessert, check out the Sweet Empanada, filled with dulce de leche.



The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC
(credit: Buenos Aires Restaurant)


Buenos Aires Restaurant

513 E 6th Street

New York, NY


This Argentinian steakhouse is know for more than just quality slabs of red meat for a reasonable price – they’re also the one of the best restaurants for authentic empanadas! For $6.95 enjoy an order of two empanadas, with choices including Carne Picante (spicy meat), Humita (corn), Espinaca (spinach and cheese) and Caprese (mozzarella, tomato & basil) just to name a few.





The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC
(credit: Empanadas Cafe)


Empanadas Cafe

56-27 Van Doren Street

Queens, NY

(718) 592-7288

This beloved Queens restaurant may offer the most affordable empanadas, ranging from $1.50 to $2 each. Neighbors love this spot for their authentic stuffed bites, offered in corn, white or organic flour. Catering is available for your next party, when you’re looking for the perfect finger foods to serve your hungry guests.




The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC
(credit: Empanada Mama)


Empanada Mama

763 9th Avenue

New York, NY

(212) 698-9008

Offering both corn and wheat flour empanadas, there’s a long menu of options at Empanada Mama in Midtown. Check out their arepas, tapas and salads as well, for a well-balanced Latin feast. End on a sweet note with one of their 8 dessert empanadas, like the Elvis (peanut butter and banana, of course) or the Figs, Caramel and Cheese option.




The 5 Best Empanadas in NYC

Ruben’s Empanadas

Multiple Locations

New York, NY

(212) 242-4404

This NYC mini-chain offers an affordable meal of an empanada of your choice with a plate of rice and beans for only $7, making Ruben’s a great option for a lunch deal. With almost 20 varieties, there’s an empanada for everyone at Ruben’s when looking for a full empanada meal on a budget.