Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Announces Lineup w/Redman, EPMD, Pusha T, Dizzy Wright + MORE

9th Annual Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival Announces LineupRedman, EPMD, Pusha T, Dizzy Wright, + more to perform on July 13th.

Brooklyn, NY

April 22, 2013

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Wednesday night, The Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival officially kicked off its 9th annual shindig with a gathering of volunteers, sponsors and Bodega Fam at the Brooklyn Brewery. Schedules were announced, names were dropped, tickets went on sale, beer was consumed, fun was had.

The Festival will run from July 10th through the 13th and will be headlined by none other than the Funk Doc himself, Redman. Reggie Noble will be joined by the brothers from Brentwood, Long Island, The E Double E and the capital PMD, Erick and Parrish Making Dollars otherwise known as EPMD. Rounding out the headliners are the Bronx born, Virginia bred Pusha T, XXL 2013 Freshman Dizzy Wright, and Brooklyn Soul, jazz, funk and gospel outfit Soul Understated.

At the event Wes Jackson, Festival Founder and Executive Director spoke about plans for 2013 and the legacy of The Festival, “As a fan and a business man I am really excited about the lineup for this year. This is the 40th Anniversary of Hip-Hop so we as a culture have a lot to celebrate. The Hip-Hop generation is growing in numbers, influence, and power. We see The Festival as a gathering, a convention if you will, for Hip-Hop. A place old school and new school can get together and build.”

In regards to headliners Jackson added, “People like to say we are old school and fine I will admit that the historian in me loves the classics. But what I realized is that canon of classics is growing. Today’s new school is tomorrow’s old school. By pairing Redman with Pusha with Dizzy I see our past, present and future. Redman is a king. He is a legend. He has been in the game for 23 years, still making records, still rocking shows, still relevant. Rappers could learn a lot from him. When I saw Pusha in Austin for SXSW I realized to the next generation he is the author of their style. He is the next Hall of Fame class after Red. Pusha and The Clipse have been on the job since 1997. Pusha is the new old school. Dizzy is obviously new school. We must both literally and metaphorically make room for him so hopefully he will join the ranks of Red and Pusha.”

Other events were announced included:

New York City Mayoral Forum to be held at The Brooklyn Historical Society on Wednesday, July 10th.

The Finals of the Show & Prove MC competition on Thursday, July 11th.

A celebration of 30 years of Video Music Box with Uncle Ralph McDaniels on Friday, July 12th

All wrapping up Saturday July 13th at Brooklyn Bridge Park with Redman, Pusha T, EPMD and more.

About the BHF’13 Performers:


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Newark’s Redman made his debut in 1990 on EMPD’s “Business as Usual” album then exploded onto the Hip-Hop scene in the 90s under Def Jam with his “Whut? Thee” release and is still going hard with his most recent release, “Reggie”, his seventh solo album. In a span of more than 20 years, the Funk Doc has gained fame in music, producing and acting with the likes of Erick Sermon and Keith Murray in Def Squad, Method Man, Shaq, De La Soul and many more. More info here.


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Hip-Hop duo, EMPD has survived a roller coaster of a career. Long Island natives Erick Sermon and Parrish Smith began their journey as EPMD nearly 30 years ago, overcoming various breakups they reunited over the years releasing seven albums (all containing the word “Business” in them). Collectively and individually the two have collaborated with Das EFX, Redman, DJ Scratch and more. More info here.


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Pusha T came onto the Hip-Hop scene with his brother in the early 90’s as part of Hip-Hop duo The Clipse. With the help of Virginia’s own Pharrell, the group was signed to Elektra where they released, “Exclusive Audio Footage” later on they released more albums under their own label. By 2010 after the two decided to take time off to pursue solo project, Pusha T was signed to GOOD Music and since has worked with Kanye West, Taylor the Creator, Danny Brown Raekwon and others. He has a new solo album set to release this year. More info here.


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Beyond his years at 22, Dizzy has been one of the first Sin City rappers to grab the spotlight and carry it across the globe. Dizzy began to network and build a fan base with skills and flashy personality and in 2012 he made three releases including SmokeOut Conversations, and The First Agreement EP. Inspired by Tupac, Dizzy embodies a do-for-self journey that’s magnetized listeners with his natural charisma. He’s ready to fully jump into working on his next project with newly gained clarity after performing with his label-mates. More info here.


Soul Understated, is one of the rarest discoveries in music since Motown. The influences on their music are overwhelming and pleasurable all at once. With elements from EWF to Ella Fitzgerald, Donny Hathaway to Curtis Mayfield, and Sarah Vaughn to Count Basie, and even Hip-Hop infused into one musical body, allows their music to span across all genres. Soul Understated is set to release their debut Single “Same Ole Groove” this spring. More info here.

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Tickets are currently on sale.

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