Explore the World of Logos with TASCHEN’s Logobook

Ludovic Houplain of Paris interdisciplinary design studio H5, together with TASCHEN, presents an extensive compilation of the logos that surround and, for many of us, define our lives. Logobook is the literary counterpart to Logorama, the 2009 Academy Award-winning animated short that H5 produced, and features about 7,000 different logos that include information with each specimen such as who designed it, when it was introduced, what country it originated in, and which brand it is associated with. As any designer or anyone interested in effective branding or marketing will attest, a logo succinctly communicates much more than just visual information and will certainly help to answer a lot of questions of how companies choose to connect with their demographics. Look for this latest TASCHEN tome at finer book stores and online at the TASCHEN e-store.