Casio G-Shock 30th Anniversary DW-6930BS-8JR

Conceptually driven towards durability and functionality, Casio G-Shock has worked on evolving and perfecting those aspects since its inception into the watch world back in 1983. To celebrate its 30th anniversary, the brand releases the DW-6930BS-8JR — a rendition of the DW-6900 — that was designed to epitomize the pursuit of toughness. Cast in classic silver metallic paint, the DW-6930BS-8JR uses inverted liquid crystal with a blackened dial to enhance visibility on the face. Other notable specifications include G-Shock’s ‘Shock Structure,’ 20 BAR water resistance, battery life of around 2 years and all your expected digital functions. The watch also sports a special 30th anniversary logo on the back cover, as well as three marks for additional commemoration and the signature G-Shock seal placed in front. The G-Shock DW-6930BS-8JR can be purchased for ¥15,000 JPY (approximately $150 USD).