Giving an entirely new meaning to the idea that you’re as strong as a little girl, PG‘s BlackBraid Fixed Gear Bike weighs in at a jaw-dropping 11 pounds (5kg). And this thing isn’t made out of toothpicks and held together with string, the BlackBraid is a gorgeous display of Munich Composite‘s own proprietary carbon fiber, built by weaving together individual strands of fiber over and under one another to form a tube before resin is injected to help maintain its shape. The finished product is a bike that is as stable as steel and lighter than aluminum, configured as a fixed-gear or as a 14-speed touring model. A keen eye will also reveal that the rear triangle connects only on either side of the wheel, holding the chainstay on one and the seat stay on the other, and the front rim brake is integrated within the fork to make for a streamlined look. The ultimate commuter and incredible fixie is available now for a cool £15,000 ($22,550) at Jardin’s Florian online shop. At least you’ll save on shipping costs!