Hennessey is well-known for their work on muscle-cars and trucks, but now the performance autotuner flexes its design muscles in a new direction to prove anything that it touches can be powerful enough to raise a few eyebrows. Enter: the Ford Taurus SHO, which comes stock with a 3.5-liter turbocharged V6 Ecoboost engine that Hennessey Performance decided to exploit courtesy of extensive modifications that all void the car’s stock warranty (they do provide their own 1-year, 12,000 mile deal with the package), raising the car’s output to 445hp from a not-so-impressive 365. Hennessey claims the unlikely performance car is now capable of hitting 60mph in 4.3 seconds and can hit the quarter-mile mark in 12.8–quite the feat for a four door that is anything but light and sporty. The pack, called the MaxBoost 445, also includes its own numbered plaque, Hennessy logos and badging, new headrests, and a new stainless-steel cat-back exhaust system to go with the dual cold-air induction system. The package will set you back just under $4,500, but for an additional 80hp, 55 lb-ft of torque, and a new sense of pride, that doesn’t seem like such a bad deal. Check it out in more detail after the click.