Snoop Lion “Reincarnated” Documentary

As legendary hip hop artist Snoop Dogg traveled to Jamaica, submerging himself in the Rastafarian culture to return as reggae musician Snoop Lion, the Long Beach native brought along a camera crew to document his journey both within and without. Matching the album title of his first foray into Jamaica’s tranquil music genre, Reincarnated was originally envisioned as a short film, however the extensive self-realizing footage of Snoop visiting Rasta temples, remote marijuana plantations, Kingston’s Alpha Boys School band, reggae legend Bunny Wailer and much more quickly transformed into a motion picture that runs over 90 minutes. Having already been shown in select theaters across the U.S earlier this year, the full version of the documentary is now being streamed online. Watch it above, buy it here and purchase the album onAmazon.