Southbank is a very famous spot in London, home to skateboarders and BMXers for over four decades. Anyone involved in the above-mentioned sports would instantly recognize the spot, which was not originally intended to be used as a skate park. Over time, it became a haven for skaters from all over England and around the world, making it one of the most popular spots to frequent by top skaters. Unfortunately, just as we saw the disappearance of EMB in San Francisco or Love Park in Philadelphia, Southbank is facing the same fate due to Southbank Centre’s plans to renovate the whole area. Long Live Southbank was established by skateboarders to help fight against the renovation. They are currently looking for supporters in their #SaveSouthbank campaign, where supporters can sign a petition or fill out a survey to prevent the spot from demolition. Head over to their website now to chip into the cause, and help spread the word by sharing this information amongst your friends.