Mutator, simply put, helps prevent you from being “that guy.” You know, that guy whose phone buzzes during the important client presentation. Or, that guy whose phone plays Gangnam Style when you get a text at church. Since our phones are always with us, we have to make sure we’re fully in control and that slide button on the side sometimes doesn’t fully cover all the iPhone’s sound bases. Because there are some apps that still can override the sound controls, there is  to give you complete peace of mind, ensuring that your phone is completely muted with just a twist of the dial. Essentially just a tiny pyramid-shaped plug that slides into your iPhone headphone jack, the Mutator silences everything until you turn it back to its original position to release all the sounds again. Currently a project up on Kickstarter, you can throw your hat behind this device for as low as $5, but a $16 pledge gets you your own if the project is successful. Learn more about the project here.