“The Red Bull Music Academy is a world-traveling series of music workshops and festivals: a platform for those who make a difference in today’s musical landscape.” – Red Bull Music Academy Mission

Red Bull Music Academy has been putting together two-week events world-wide for the past 15 years, hitting many of the major international megalopolises: Sao Paulo, Cape Town, Rome, London, Melbourne, Madrid. So it’s no surprise that it’s in New York this year, and it’s no surprise that once hitting the city’s shores, a special lineup of lectures and events were put together highlighting the history the city often plays in the history of music development and innovation.

In the latest installment of Red Bull Music Academy’s New York lecture series, Jeff “Chairman” Mao sits down with one of the city’s native sons, Q-Tip. In the talk that comes in at over two hours, Tip weaves his way through discussions of the production process working with Kanye West on “Mama’s Boy”, the inspiration he drew from DJ Premier, Dilla’slasting impact on hip hop, and the more interesting life choices he’s made since breaking away from Tribe.

A Tribe Called Quest, and Q-Tip as a solo artist, have had such an enormous impact on hip hop and it’s culture, that it’s a rare treat to witness such an intimate talk with someone who has put their heart and soul into the music for over 20 years. The video is posted below for anyone who has a two hour chunk of time to dedicate to Tip’s musings with Jeff Mao, but for those of you looking to jump around or catch the highlights, Red Bull has put together a brief time stamp listing on the lecture site.