Elysium Official Trailer #2

Another trailer has just been released for Elysium, the upcoming sci-fi action film staring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster. The film, set in 2154, depicts a divide between humanity with the majority consigned to an unstable and rugged existence on an overpopulated Earth while the privileged enjoy a crime-, war-, hunger-, and sickness-free life in Elysium, a massive utopian metropolis floating above earth. Damon plays Max DeCosta, a man stricken with cancer who intends to get to Elysium to be cured, very much against the wishes of Elysium’s Secretary Delacourt (Foster). Elysium is appropriately helmed by South African-Canadian director Neill Blomkamp, whose 2009 hit District 9 similarly explored themes related to class, immigration and segregation in the future. Elysium is scheduled to hit theaters August 9.