Instagram to Get Video on June 20?

A few days ago, Facebook quietly began rolling out special, coffee-stained invites to key people regarding a private press conference to be held on June 20. While the social media giant could be churning up any number of alluring features, functions or advancements, TechCrunch is reporting that sources close to Facebook and Instagram are thinking that a Vine-like video addition may be in the works. While the news isn’t entirely new today, the addition of video functions for the much-loved photo sharing app would make sense. Add to that the fact that video has seen a strong presence with the popularity of Vine, Viddy, Cinegram and Socialcam rapidly on-boarding new users, video on Instagram is seeming like a big possibility. While only time will tell if this rumor pans out to be true, functionality additions and UI updates have already proven that — like it or not — Instagram is rapidly developing beyond its humble and simple photo sharing roots.