However you choose to travel, New York City can be a confusing, complex, and daunting place, but that’s part of the allure behind the Big Apple. However, that doesn’t mean that the NYC Department of Transportation doesn’t want to help you get to where you want to go and, with these walkNYC Pedestrian Maps, they’re literally hitting the pavement to lend you a hand. Designed and managed by a consortium named PentaCityGroup – made up of industrial designers, graphic designers, engineers, GIS specialists, and urban designers – the program hopes to provide a consistent, official, and location-based way to empower both NYC locals and visitors to explore the city. In addition to being incredibly helpful, the project has also given rise to its own unique system of icons, drawings, and graphics as well as a complementary version of Helvetica to match the city’s subway system.

The first phase has already started to roll-out with a map-based information system made up of street signs in around neighborhoods and at every CitiBike station, beginning with Manhattan, Long Island City, Brooklyn, and the Fashion District spaced out at about 5-minute walks of one another in an user-oriented fashion. More neighborhoods will follow in the year to come, so next time you are out and about, glance up from your cell phone and learn something new about your block.