KENZO 2013 Fall/Winter “Cloudbusting” Video

Following the debut of its Fall/Winter 2013 campaign by TOILETPAPER, KENZO has unveiled its latest piece of artistry for Fall/Winter 2013. Coming in the form of a short film from directing duo Partel Oliva – the creative entity that oversees all of KENZO’s artistic direction – “Cloudbusting” is a stunt rider-starring abstract tale meant as an interpretation of the fantastic and post-romantic universe that inspired both the men’s and women’s collections for the season ahead. Dominating the film are the “Day Clouds” and “Night Clouds” motifs that appear throughout the forthcoming designs. Said the duo of the film:

The concept came from the men’s collection. At the show, we saw these looks emerge, precise and technical, as if powered by a definite sense of purpose, but also embellished and decorated with painterly motifs. The contrast was beautiful, like a hand embroidered space suit, something in itself almost contradictory. We wanted to develop this first impression by finding the perfect world from which these looks were beamed, and the duty to which they were dedicated. From this came the motorbikes, the helmeted acrobats endlessly polishing off impossible movements and the girl in the middle, who follows her own set of rules and splinters the perfect order.