Fixed gear bikes have come a long way since their introduction back in the day, especially now that State Bicycle Co. entered the business a few years back. In addition to picking up a new, cooler name – fixies – SBC has helped to give the bikes a style that matches their smooth ride and dedicated following. As enthusiasts of the fixed gear riding culture, SBC knows that giving customers the ability to customize their very own fixed-gear or track bike with a wide selection of color, size, and style configurations is the new name of the game and their Matte Black 4 bike is their latest weapon in their arsenal. Customers can pick handlebar type, size, tire set, fork, pedal, saddle, and other accessories that fit their style and have it sent to them 90% assembled. We’ve got some sample configuration shots after the click and the brand’s own promo video after the click makes its design shine, but you can visit State Bicycle Co.’s online shop to build your own dream bike.