Apple to Debut Larger iPhone and iPad Screens?

The ongoing smart device war continues to wage as news has broken that Apple is testing new iPhones and iPads with larger screens. The Wall Street Journal recently reported that Apple’s Asian market suppliers were providing prototypes with larger screens, with iPhones increasing their width above 4″ and iPads to increase over 13″ diagonally. Apple’s main smart device rival – Samsung – already retains a diverse array of both thin and wide offerings, evidenced by a 33.1% majority share of the smartphone market and recently underlined by the release of the Galaxy S4 Mini. Sources indicate that Apple is willing to offer such diversity in their own lineup, which would explain these recent prototype requests. In light of this recent development, how do you think the new iPhone and iPad offerings will fare in the electronics market? Does size really matter? Be sure to leave thoughts in the comments below.