47 Ronin Official Trailer

Keanu Reeves makes a return to the big screen to assume the lead role in the forthcoming action fantasy film 47 Ronin. The film, directed by Carl Erik Rinsch, depicts the story of Kai – who assumes leadership of 47 samurai seeking to avenge the death of their master. The plot takes the structure of a Chūshingura, and is only one of many interpretive accounts of these legendary samurai – albeit on a large scale. Certainly, it’s no foreign feeling for Reeves to play the ‘chosen one,’ as his work in a particular Wachowski brothers series might attest. However, where Reeves dodged bullets in one film, he is set to face a new series of trying challenges in 47 Ronin, including transforming dragons, merciless terrain and class inequality. The action-packed trailer also features a special cameo by Zombie Boy (also known as Rick Genest), the completely tattooed fashion model, who now seeks to bolster his acting chops alongside compatriot Reeves. Enjoy the trailer for the film, which is set to release on Christmas, above.