Transworld Skateboarding Explores Portland, Oregon in “ALL TERRAIN VEHICLE”

What’s the proving ground for an amateur skateboarder these days? In an era of YouTube phenoms and hungry One-In-A-Millionaires, a young skateboarder has to be something special to place themselves on a company’s professional tenure track. Skateboarding has seen the rise in ATV (All Terrain Vehicles)’s over the past few years, that is, a selection of young skaters taking heavy cues from everyone from John Cardiel to Grant Taylor, those who are capable of skating any terrain in front of them. Transworld Skateboarding took a small group of ams – Dee Ostrander, John Fitzgerald, Riley Hawk, Robbie Brockel, Marius Syvanen, and Willis Kimbel – up to the great Northwest to skate the diverse skate-scape of Portland, OR. Destruction ensues as this group of special young guns lets loose on the city, shredding everything from Burnside’s treacherous tranny to crusty wallrides in the neglected corners of Stumptown. No spot feels quite safe after watching this essential video piece, viewable above.