Heineken #Dropped: Jon Buscemi

A co-founder of footwear brand Gourmet, Jon Buscemi is now a true jack-of-all-trades, incepting new forms of footwear at GREATS and Buscemi as well as cooking up artisanal goodies with Free Range LA. Although he had never stepped foot on a plane until the age of 17, Buscemi soon became “addicted to travel” after a literal coin-flip made him the international category manager at DC Shoes. Having been to over 40 countries, Jon sources inspiration from everyday occurrences overseas. As part of Heineken’s globetrotting council of experts, his #DROPPED essential is a simple white bathing suit. You want to be able to look good in it, but even if you don’t, the aspiration inherent in such a bold piece is what matters most. Board shorts are for tourists.

The Heineken Dropped campaign is a global initiative to launch the Heineken Voyage, the fifth chapter of Heineken’s global Legends campaign. Heineken will search the globe for four men who embody the “Legendary Traveler” and send them on voyages around the world to challenge them to travel outside their comfort zone. One of these travelers will be from the US.

Follow Heineken’s legendary traveler’s #DROPPED voyage here.