Slam City Skates x Vans Syndicate Derby S

After unveiling a look at the latest collaborative endeavor with Vans’ exclusive Syndicate imprint, London-based skate shop Slam City Skates presents a look at the footwear in action. The London skateboarding community at large came out to support the project, with local rippers such as Olly Todd, Sam Hughes, Paddy Jones, and Rob Mathieson slipping their feet into pairs of the Derby S. The London cityscape, from its old cobbled streets to its flowing marble plazas, seems the perfect context for this rendition of the shoe – which references both timeless English styles and contemporary sleekness. Check out the video accompaniment viewable above, then be sure to treat yourself to a pair of the Slam City Skates x Vans Syndicate Derby S, available now on the shop’s website.