Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan Identical Plays: The Debate Continues

Kobe or Michael? It is an equivocal question like this that leaves people flustered and hesitant to answer. Some would argue that Kobe, in an age comparison, has scored a total of more points, appeared in more all-star and championship games, and shoots better under pressure. While most would not deny Kobe of his accomplishments, there is still the dispute that Jordan’s presence trickled far beyond only scoring, and that his value with a team transcended past himself and was reflected in his teammates. Consecrating their blood, sweat and tears to the game, it’s insurmountable the impact that these two icons have had on the game — on and off the court. From the franchises that were created, their effect on the sneaker community, as well as basketball’s broad sweeping popularity amongst different cultures and their domination over TV ratings; both Kobe and Jordan have been highly influential in numerous ways. In this video the two basketball stars are shown making shots from identical areas of the court in perfect form. Although it is not definite as to which of the two players is superior, one cannot help but to come to the conclusion that some things are better left unanswered.