Terry Richardson‘s blog entitled “Terry Richardson‘s Diary” has been a window to candid celebrity portraits since its start in 2009. His mundane style and trademark glasses have gifted us with such masterpieces as a shirtless A$AP Rocky, a brief-clad Beyoncé, and the Cat-Daddy dancing queen Kate Upton.

And now he’s added Miley Cyrus to the list.

Yup, the “Can’t Stop” singing, multi-talented Nashville lady of Disney fame has been captured byRichardson in a series of photos that show her goofing around in good company. While wearing a white sports bra, high waisted jeans, and red lipstick, Cyrus is shot grabbing her crotch, giving us the middle finger, and smoking a cigarette. It’s all class, all the time. At her young age of 20 years, the hard-working girl deserves to have a little fun.

Miley, we know you can’t be tamed, so we’re not trying to. Get it, girl.