Hayao Miyazaki’s The Wind Rises Trailer

Multitalented maestro Hayao Miyazaki returns with the first trailer for his latest film, The Wind Rises. Marking his first piece since 2011′s award-winning From Up On Poppy Hill – animated by Hayao’s Studio Ghibli and directed by his son, Goro Miyazaki – the piece is a decade-spanning historical animated fantasy and is based on the popular manga of the same name, itself an adaptation of Tatsuo Hori’s Showa-era short story. Inspired by the true story of the famed Zero Fighter, the film is a fictionalized biographical take on visionary designer Jiro Horikoshi and the World War II service of his Mitsubishi A6M Zero aircraft – a legendary dogfighter, the pride of the Imperial Navy, and oft associated with the kamikaze tactics of the Pacific Ocean theatre. The Wind Rises is set to debut at this year’s Toronto International Film Festival in September.