Do you remember how Saturday mornings were the best when you were a kid? You’d wake up early, pour yourself a bowl of sugary cereal, and with earnest excitement, you’d vege-out on the couch watching cartoons in your PJs until noon. Yes, life was sweet.

And then, in between all the good stuff, there were commercials advertising the coolest toys that you justhad to have. For the boys, that toy was Hot Wheels. That badass, dare-devil promoting, Evel Knievel cultivating toy was (and still is) the epitome of cool. It dared to defy gravity– wait, no: It DOUBLE DARED gravity.

Well, a bunch of grown-ups from the Hot Wheels Team got a little nostalgic and decided that they wanted to re-live those simpler times by creating a giant Hot Wheels track. Yup, they built a death-defying, double loop track and showcased two drivers, Tanner Foust and Greg Tracy, successfully going through it at the 2012 X-Games in Los Angeles. Measuring in at a height of 66 feet, the incredible orange track has become the subject of a short, inspirational documentary (see below) that beckons the kid in you to come out and play.

Yes, some mistakes were made and some cars were totally destroyed, but as you will see in the documentary, the Hot Wheels Team endured past that. With profound patience of the trial and error process, the team’s leader expresses the following words:

“Why should you stop dreaming just because you’re not a kid anymore? If it’s one thing we live by, it’s ‘Don’t be afraid of failing’. It’s only through failure that you learn. It’s only through experimentation that you find out how far you can push it. It’s okay to fail as long as you learn and you don’t repeat the same mistake again. It’s not just about the limits of human endurance, it’s about the limits of imagination; it’s about the limits of what’s possible.”

Word. We always knew the makers of Hot Wheels were legit. It makes us want to set up an entire obstacle course in the living room like the good old days and make the toy cars jump over our pet dogs, cats, and the fish tank. Now that shit was dope.